Explore the magnificent but perilous underwater city

“Pronty: Fishy Adventure” is a 2D action adventure game set under the ocean. In the near future, human beings have successfully found a way to live under the sea, hundreds of cities under the sea transformed the sea bed into a modern Atlantis. But now the cities are in danger. Play as our protagonist “Pronty”, command your javelin partner “Bront” to protect the City of the Deep - Royla and unravel the mysteries behind the city.

Unique “underwater javelin” combat system

Command your javelin partner to repel enemies, remove obstacles, or protect yourself.

Fight with numerous kinds of ferocious mutant fish monsters

Prevent variable mutant fish monsters, fused with "marine debris", from destroying underwater cities. Defeat these ferocious invaders to protect our future!

Combine skills to create your own awesome battle style

Install "memory boards" to create your own awesome combinations of skills and abilities. Your battle style, you design.

Explore this magnificent but perilous underwater city

The game uses colorful, clean line art style to depict the mysterious underwater world, creating a beautiful yet also a creepy atmosphere.

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