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Combining social issues with game, by which we Light up your world!


18LIGHT GAME, an independent game studio founded in 2012 by a bunch of college student in their apartment on 18th floor. Our motto is, “Give you an extraordinary journey in a coffee time.” And every game we made is about an adventure. We insist creating games that enable players to share fun and to discuss the story with each other. We blend social issues on our game plots, so besides entertainment players can enjoy our deep stories. In the future, we hope we can change the world through our games.


Let's play and Light up the world!
  • 2014

    Unity Award of China

    Gold Price of Best Creativity

  • 4C Digital Design Awards

    Excellent & Most Potential Award

  • 2015

    Vision Get Wild Award

    Excellent of PC Game Creativity & Special Award of Game Creativity by XPEC Entertainment

  • 2016

    Taipei Game Show Indie Game Festa


  • Casual Connect Asia Indie Prize


  • Casual Connect USA Indie Prize


  • IndiePlay

    Best Student Game Nomunated

  • Digital Content Competition by Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

    Winner of Cultural and Creativity Category

  • Information Application Innovation & Startups Competition by Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan

    Silver Price of Best Starup

  • 2017

    Game On Weekend Kaohsiung

    Best of Game Design

  • 2018

    Taiwan Original X Award

    Best Indie Game